50 Cent Calls Floyd Mayweather, Jr. the ‘Greatest of All Time’ After Athlete Blasts Him

The retired boxer previously claimed that his nemesis’ rap career had ended and listed four factors that contributed to that, mentioning Jay-Z and Dr. Dre’s successful business.

AceShowbiz -Is this a sign that 50 Cent wants to call an end to his longtime beef with Floyd Mayweather, Jr.? The retired professional boxer recently blasted the “In Da Club” rapper through an Instagram post, but rather than hitting back like he usually does, Fofty took a slightly “positive” manner when responding to the diss.

In the Instagram post, Floyd said that there are four factors that ended Fofty’s “rap them,” noting, “You tried desperately to revive your career by going head to head with Kanye West and got dragged publicly, taking a unanimous decision loss.” He also mentioned the success of Jay-Z‘s Ace of Spade champagne and Dr. Dre‘s Beats headphone as the contributing factors.

Talking about Fofty’s SMS Audio headphones, the boxing promoter criticized the product, “That was some straight bulls**t the FEDs had something to do with. Those are snitch headphones, you can be in your car and hear the people’s conversation in the vehicle next to you.” He added, “[P. Diddy] got Ciroc and its still selling worldwide and you can’t find Efen in no stores and it’s well known the s**t taste like rubbing alcohol.”

But Floyd wasn’t satisfied enough. He shared a separate post that showed Fofty’s music sales through years. “50cent went from selling 15million to 200,000 you talking about career been over,” he said in the post.

Looking at how hard Floyd dissed him through the posts, people would have expected Fofty to do the same. However, instead of getting mad, the “Power” creator admitted to losing to Floyd. “Tell Floyd I said he won he is the greatest of all time, and nobody I mean nobody can ever take that away from him what he’s done with his life is amazing,” he said. “I’m done with all of the back and forth. Now Can Someone Please Read This To Champ.”

Reading his response, it was clear that Fofty was just being sarcastic. “Next Level Savagery!” one commented, while another said, “This is the definition of ‘sorry, not sorry.’ ” Meanwhile, one other admitted s/he finally understood why the rapper got shot 9 times after reading the post.

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