Amy Duggar Fires Back at Baby Bump Critics in Blistering Rant

Amy Duggar Fires Back at Baby Bump Critics in Blistering Rant

The pregnant Amy Duggar loves to share her joy with fans on social media. Sadly, social media is full of trolls as well as fans.

Now 26 weeks pregnant with her first child, the niece of Jim Bob Duggar has been sharing plenty of pictures of the journey.

Which is great, except for the timing of such photo documentation – at least according to the haters who lurk on the Internet.

After all, last week saw the miscarriage of Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth’s baby girl, an event that shook the family to its core.

All miscarriages are devastating, but this one was more surprising than most, as Joy was just six weeks behind her cousin.

Joy shared pictures of the stillborn child, which she and Austin had named, in a heartwarming, tragic and controversial post.

Because of this, Amy’s most recent pic of her growing belly (top) sparked comments from fans who called it disrespectful.

The image of Amy, at a flea market in Arkansas holding her baby bump, was captioned simply, “nursery shopping today!”

Critics pounced on this, suggesting that she should stop with the baby posts for at least a couple of days out of respect.

Supportive fans countered that she shouldn’t have to stop being happy about her own pregnancy. Amy herself agreed.

Amy, 32, said that she won’t be apologizing for what is happening in her life, despite the obvious pain she feels for Joy-Anna. 

Moreover, she fired back: “Also, after what my family has been through how dare you say that to me.”

“This baby is bringing me so much happiness, do you even know how many tears I have cried lately?”

In addition to Joy-Anna’s loss, Amy was referring to her grandmother Mary Duggar’s death in a tragic drowning accident.

They were extremely close; Amy once mentioned that she and Mary would speak or see one another a few times a day.

She was crushed by this loss, as well as heartbroken for Joy, and also for Lauren Duggar’s miscarriage last October.

Basically, she’s dealt with a lot. 

She can be sad and happy at the same time. We are only human and grieve in different ways. Amy loves her family.

Everyone else can step off.

It’s that simple. Amy marches to her own beat, just as she always has. No Instagram trolls are going to change that. 

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She and her husband Dillon King are still allowed to enjoy their own happiness, and aren’t about to stop posting about it.

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