Audley Harrison wife: How adoring wife is driving force behind boxing success

Audley Harrison wife: How adoring wife is driving force behind boxing success

Audley Harrison notched up 31 wins out of 38 fights in his 12-year boxing career. The British star won a gold medal at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney in the heavyweight division. Audley finally hung up his boxing gloves for good on March 26, 2014, less than a year after being knocked out by Deontay Wilder. He revealed in 2015 that he was suffering from traumatic brain injuries due to punches he had taken during his career.

Audley also stated he was facing bankruptcy due to “reckless money management”.

In an interview from the time, he said: “Thankfully, my wife Raychel started a hair salon business and threw chunks of money into real estate, but I’ll still likely have to file for bankruptcy in the UK.

“Thankfully, I invested in a pension while living in the UK, so that will be good when I’m much older.“

Audley’s wife Raychel has been a constant support at her 47-year-old husband’s side since they married in 2005.

The couple have a daughter, Ariella, and son Hudson.

Raychel, who was born in Israel but later emigrated to the United States with her family, met Audley while working as a hairdresser in Las Vegas.

Audley asked her for her phone number after she fixed his dreadlocks – she declined but finally agreed to a date as long as her friend came along.

Raychel told the Daily Mail in 2010: “I wouldn’t go on a first date alone.

“And certainly not with one this big.”

Despite hating boxing – and not being a fan of celebrities – Raychel quickly became part of her husband’s world and his number one fan.

She told the publication: “Looks and popularity fade. Intelligence is what gets me.

“Audley has a different way of thinking from anyone I know. His mind is so bright.”

The stunning brunette said she also grew to have a great appreciation of the “skill and discipline” required in boxing.

Audley will be appearing on a special celebrity edition of Pointless tonight.

The BBC episode has a “noughties” them so all the contestants featured will be celebrities who rose to prominence during that decade.

Other contestants featuring include Katy Brand and Brian Belo, Lisa Maffia and Marvin ‘Romeo’ Dawkins, David Spinx and Susie Amy, plus Audley and Gail Emms.

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