Baby Girl Lisa Hamme: I’ll Have a Baby With Usman to Save Our Marriage!

Ever the dramatic one, Baby Girl Lisa Hamme claimed that she was being "silenced" by TLC and producers after her N-word scandal got her fired.

Now, however, she is speaking up — and so is Usman Umar.

They are talking about their plans … even as they acknowledge that their marriage is in serious trouble.

After the way that Lisa has treated Usman, both on screen and off screen, that is no surprise.

But Lisa has a plan to fix things.

The 53-year-old 90 Day Fiance star aims to get pregnant by her 31-year-old husband.

If that plan fails, they do have a back-up plan. …

1.Married doesn't mean happily ever after …

2.They were excited to see each other

3.But things weren't perfect

4.Usman is "famous"

5.That meant problems for his career

6.It was nearly sabotage

7.The jealousy did not go away

8.Usman protested

9.After all, groupies proclaim their love for him all of the time

10.It would require a lot of patience

11.Lisa had one tactic in particular

12.Even so, they got hitched

13.Lisa had drama with fans, too

14.Worst of all …

15.She wasn't too kind to Usman, either

16.Even worse …

17.Was TLC covering for Lisa?

18.That prompted this nonsense

19.It did cost her

20.Now, she is speaking again

21.She's trying to get pregnant!

22.And if that fails

23.Usman also spoke

24.And he may divorce her

25.Also, he had to block Lisa

26.Can they save their marriage?

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