Bella Thorne Opens Up About Complicated Relationship With Her Mother

Bella Thorne is vulnerably opening up about her tumultuous relationship with her mother.

In conversation with guest cohost Keke Palmer on Monday’s episode of Strahan and Sara, the 21-year-old candidly discussed her difficult relationship with her mother Tamara Thorne.

The former Disney star shared that she harbors guilt for not speaking up earlier about what she needed from her mom:

“I wanted acceptance. I wanted appreciation and love for who I was — the way I looked — to everything about myself that I didn’t ever feel like I got. I wanted an education, I wanted to feel like I could speak, I wanted a lot of things. But I never spoke up so you can only blame people around you so much before obviously, you start blaming yourself.”

Thorne, who lost her father Reinaldo Thorne in 2007, explained where her relationship with Tamara stands today:

“We are so much closer now than I think — on a realistic level, you know, me and my mom were best friends growing up. So now, I think this is really the closest we’ve ever been in life to understanding one another, for both of us being honest with our opinions.”

In the singer’s new book, The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray, Bella reflects on her life in a series of poems, and explores her relationship with her mother in “love note to my mother,” writing:

“I hope you know we never learned how to love Or at least I never did. I learned love from you and daddy but since he was gone mostly from you … it’s very hard for me to love properly, to love someone good to me.”

In a second raw poem shared to Instagram, the former Shake It Up star wrote about their “f**ked up” relationship, apologizing for words she has said to her mom:

In a statement to People following Bella’s post, Tamara said:

“I love my family and unconditionally love Bella very much. My family always comes first, and they are my number one priority. Bella and I did have a falling out a few years ago, but we are on the mend.”

While neither Bella or Tamara divulged what caused the falling out, we can only imagine how difficult it was for them both to have the Midnight Sun actress in the spotlight from such a young age.

To Palmer, Miz Thorne also expressed the difficulties of being a child actor with her mother around:

“How are you allowed to say to your parent, ‘You’re crossing my boundaries.’ That’s only become a thing teenagers can say now to a parent.”

We’re so glad things seem to be on the mend for Bella and her mom!!

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