Bill Cosby Encourages Men To Be ‘Great Citizens’ While In Prison On Birthday

Bill Cosby Encourages Men To Be ‘Great Citizens’ While In Prison On Birthday

Bill Cosby is showing gratitude to all those who wished him well on his birthday. The actor, who turned 82 today, posted a message on his social media thanking his support team for their birthday wishes.

 “Thank you to all of my friends, supporters and family members for wishing me a Happy 82nd Birthday,” he wrote. ‘Many of my fellow residents [SCI Phoenix] asked, “Mr. Cosby – is there anything special you would like for your birthday?’ I politely replied that the greatest present for me is: 1 Corinthians 13:11 — When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. To all men… it’s time to be Great Fathers, Great American Citizens & Great Husbands. Man Up & Become Men Of Valor.”

He also used the hashtags, “#LoveYouCamille,” “#FarFromFinished,” “#StandUpManUp” and “#BeAManOfValor.”

 The birthday message comes as Cosby is serving a three to 10 year sentence for the sexual assault and drugging of Andrea Constand.

Cosby has filed for an appeal for a new trial.

 Cosby’s legal team claimed his conviction was “not based on any credible evidence that he actually committed the crimes for which he was on trial,” and instead rested on “flawed, erroneous and prejudicial rulings of the lower court.”

According to documents obtained from Pennsylvania Superior Court, the actor testified at a civil deposition only after the Commonwealth agreed he would never be prosecuted for the allegations involving the Complainant. The court’s use of the testimony in trial, they argued, was a violation of his Fifth Amendment rights.

Cosby reasoned the lower court’s decision to allow testimony from five other women other than Constand was “clearly erroneous and an abuse of discretion.”

In the appeal, he testified that the women took Quaaludes voluntarily and that were aware of what they were taking. He also requested his mark as a sexual predator be returned. 

He has been accused of sexual misconduct of at least 60 women, with the most recent allegation coming from former Playboy playmate Dona Speir, who accused the actor of corrupting her in her teenage years with drugs and alcohol.


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