Bluefaces Sister Now Fighting With Mother After Saying She Defended Her Mom

Bluefaces Sister Now Fighting With Mother After Saying She Defended Her Mom

The ‘Thotiana’ rapper’s sister Kali Miller claps back at her mother after Karlissa Saffold claims that it’s not her fault Kali’s husband left her following the altercation with Chrisean Rock.

AceShowbizBlueface‘s family issue is getting more complicated now. While his sister Kali Miller was on her mother’s side during the fight with Chrisean Rock, she is now at odds with her own mom Karlissa Saffold after Kali revealed that her husband left her.

On Monday, June 6, Karlissa took to Instagram Story to shade her daughter, claiming that she’s not responsible for her daughter’s split from her husband. “It’s not my fault he played sleep while they beat you up,” she wrote. “It’s not my fault he took out over there. My husband bought you 2 cars after that pretend husband wrecked them. How dare you lie and say he would have me sleep in a car. Now you have no dad again [face palm emoji][shrug emoji].”

“I sacrificed 10 times more than most of y’all mommas,” she continued. “I’m not giving no Fs about none of these kids. Spoiled and ungrateful. Hell I still clean ALL they tooms and wash ALL they clothes. It’s time for momma to have a life. Take care of y’all own dogs, kids, and homes. I’m out [praying hands emoji] I quit.”

Kali then reposted her mom’s Story and wrote over it, “I’m the last real one in this family. LMAOOOO. Imagine putting everything on the line for your mother and this is her response. Maybe y’all was right. I was a dumb a**.” She also responded to her mother’s post in her own Stories and stated, “I’ll never forgive this c****head family.”

But Karlissa isn’t done sharing her side of the story. Hinting that she prays for her daughter, she wrote in another Story, “To all the moms out there feeling like they betrayed you just remember we betrayed God at one point or another and he still sent his son to die for us to get it right. Give them love, correct them and send them right back out there and continue to pray they make it back whole. No, I’m not embarrassed, no I’m not ashamed lol I’m a real mom with real children thanks for the support.”

Previously, Kali revealed that her husband left her following the altercation with Blueface’s former girlfriend and artist Chrisean Rock. “My husband left me. Pray for me,” she wrote on Twitter on Sunday, adding a broken heart emoji.

She then defended herself for defending her mother, posting on Twitter, “It’s F everyone no cap. I did what I did for my mom. I respect myself at the end of the day because if the roles were reversed you would have done the same. At least I can wake up in the morning knowing I stand on my values.” Assuring that she’s “the strongest person I know,” she added, “Thank you for the prayers God got me.”

Chrisean then reached out to Kali, apologizing to Kali for hitting the rapper’s mom and sending her support to Kali. However, Kali didn’t accept the apology, writing back, “I don’t care what my mom did or said she’s my mom and if I was there and you did that you’d probably would have got jumped. Nothing will ever justify what you did to my mom.”

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