Chip and Joanna Gaines Premiere Magnolia Network and Fans Are Thrilled

Chip and Joanna Gaines Premiere Magnolia Network and Fans Are Thrilled

Chip and Joanna Gaines are returning to cable TV in a big way as they launch the Magnolia Network. The channel took over the DIY Channel on Jan. 5 after launching their programming on the discovery+ streaming service. With the premiere of a whole network dedicated to home and lifestyle shows curated by Chip and Joanna, fans expressed their excitement on social media.

Magnolia Network finally launches

After a very long delay, Magnolia Network finally launched on cable and it took over the DIY Channel. Chip and Joanna are behind the programming being produced for the new network as well as their return with Fixer Upper: Welcome Home. Joanna shared an Instagram post with a cheeky caption alluding to their rule of not owning a television set.

“We went from not having a TV to having 4—thanks, @chipgaines. Now to see if they’ll actually turn on. Welcome to TV, @magnolianetwork! Let the watch party begin!” read the caption.

It wasn’t long before fans weighed in expressing their excitement about the launch.

“I am BEYOND thrilled for y’all and can’t wait to be able to watch you on TV again! Thank You!” a fan said.

“Big…Big Big! Congrats… it’s a pleasure to watch your family’s success! Thank you for all the great content I get to watch and for all the things I have learned!” a follower mentioned.

“I am so excited about this! I was up at 4am watching Fixer Upper!” another Instagram user added.

“So glad you are finally on cable!!! I have Magnolia Network Originals on record. And look forward to Fixer Upper Welcome Home tonight!!!!” another fan commented.

“Excited for you guys! Loved watching you all on GMA. Praying the world sees your continued generosity. You all are the loveliest people!” another follower said.

“So thrilled to have you back on TV without having to pay extra. Thank you so much. Have missed you. Been watching you on Magnolia Network all afternoon. Welcome back,” another Instagram user noted.

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