David Attenborough fans suffer ‘pure panic’ amid concerns about icon’s health

The Year Earth Changed: David Attenborough stars in trailer

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David Attenborough, 95, has long been at the centre of all that is good in the world; the God of nature, if you will. But fans of the environmentalist were left in utter dismay on Monday night when his name was trending on Twitter with over 10,000 posts talking about the journalist.

Someone confirm David Attenborough is alive and well?!

Twitter user

It’s considered bad news when someone is trending on social media, and many fans felt their heart drop in their chest when they saw Mr Attenborough’s name up in bold.

Taking to the social media platform, thousands shared their concerns about whether he was OK.


A second said: “Someone confirm David Attenborough is alive and well?!”

“Pleeeeease god no this is a joke… David are you ok?” a third demanded to know.

But they were soon able to breathe a huge (and we mean HUGE) sigh of relief when it was confirmed that he was trending because he had released his latest tips on how we can save our planet.

One wrote: “Every f***ing time I see King David Attenborough on trending only to find out it’s just him doing the absolute most for this planet to thrive as he usually does.”

Another agreed: “Me seeing David Attenborough trending again and realising it’s just the usual legend work and not…the other thing.”

“Just seen David Attenborough trending and nearly died. He’s fine thank goodness. He’s my hero. Seriously. But everyone is sharing his brilliant analogy about ants, so I am too. #WhoShookTheJar #DavidAttenborough #Hero,” a third commented.

A fourth added: “Me every time I see David Attenborough trending & then finding out it’s just because he’s still a wonderful human being.”

“Seeing David Attenborough trend, and its just him still fighting the good fight,” a fifth cheered.

While a sixth penned: “Saw David Attenborough trending and had a moment of pure panic!”

In his interview with 60 Seconds, the legendary journalist said he hopes the way Covid-19 has isolated people and forced them to reduce the pace of daily living has helped them recognise the value of nature.

He also touches on how we need to urgently unite around ditching fossil fuels, exclaiming: “Why should we go on poisoning life on earth?”

Recently, an old interview resurfaced of the popular broadcaster talking about how his worldwide fame came with a huge sacrifice to his home life, admitting that his job impacted his relationship with his two children – Susan and Robert – while they were growing up.

Talking to the Radio Times in 2017, Sir David told Louis Theroux: “If you have a child of six or eight and you miss three months of his or her life, it’s irreplaceable. You miss something.”

The naturalist said “if he did have any regrets” it was that when his children were younger he “was away for three months at a time”.

And he recalled how there also “used to be family jokes” about his absence.

Attenborough said: “You know, ‘You were never there. You don’t remember that Father, do you? You weren’t there.’”

He first found fame after working in the BBC production team in the Sixties and since then has travelled the world to appear on screens.

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