Dr. Oz: Tyrod Taylor Lung Injury More Common Than You Think, Accidents Happen!

Dr. Oz says L.A. Chargers QB Tyrod Taylor‘s lung injury is really unfortunate, but likely nothing to freak out about … telling TMZ Sports these accidents happen!!

Taylor was a late scratch prior to last weekend’s game against the Chiefs … after the 31-year-old suffered a punctured lung while receiving a painkiller injection for a cracked rib.

This isn’t an everyday injury, so we hit up the Doc to make sense of it all … and he gives a great explanation of what exactly happened.

But, the REAL question on everyone’s mind — is TT gonna be okay?? Oz is optimistic.

“Every doctor who has ever numbed someone’s ribs knows it’s a potential complication,” Oz tells us.

“I don’t think Taylor is gonna be getting many more injections in there, I suspect, and I’m hoping the hole is a very small one because the needles we need and use to numb up the nerves are very small.”

“So hopefully it recovers on its own and by game 3 or 4 rather, it will be forgotten

As for the doctor responsible for the mishap, Oz thinks it’ll be a learning experience moving forward, saying, “I mean, doctors make mistakes. The key for us is that we own it and improve from it.”

Get well soon, Tyrod!

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