Drew Brees Alive and Well After Scary Lightning Video Goes Viral

Drew Brees Alive and Well After Scary Lightning Video Goes Viral

The former NFL quarterback is seen preparing for an outdoor filming of a commercial in Catatumbo when he appears to be struck by a bolt, but it’s all staged.

AceShowbizDrew Brees was not harmed in any way though a viral video showed him seemingly getting struck by lightning. After the scary lightning video sparked concerns among fans, the NFL legend has assured that he is “alive and well.”

On Friday, December 2, a video surfaced of the former football quarterback preparing to film a commercial for the sports gambling platform PointsBet outdoor in Catatumbo when a lightning bolt appears to make a beeline for Drew’s back.

The footage showed the bolt cracking onto the ground, sending the 43-year-old ex-football player and others scurrying away from the scene in a hurry, while the camera appears to fall on the ground.

As people raised concerns about Drew’s safety after the video went viral, PointsBet released a statement acknowledging that they were aware of the situation. “We are aware of the media coverage regarding PointsBet brand ambassador Drew Brees,” they tweeted on Friday morning. “We are in communication with Brees’ team and will continue to monitor events throughout the coming hours. At this stage we will not be making any further comment.”

Several hours later though, PointsBet admitted that the lighting seen in the promotional shoot was fake and it was all staged to make people aware of the gambling platform’s “free lightning bets.” The company’s official account said in a follow-up tweet, “Time to let you in on a little fun we’ve had with @drewbrees guys. He’s alive and well and ‘buzzing’ for a weekend of free bets.”

Meanwhile, Drew appeared in a video sitting on a gurney in an ambulance with some dark spots all over his face. “Just wanted to jump on and let you know I’m alive and well, here in Cataumbo, Venezuela, which by the way, is the most active hotspot for lightning the world,” he said in the clip posted by PointsBet. “And I’m buzzing – literally, so excited because PointsBet is giving away free lightning bets to customers, all week.” At the end of video, Drew was then cartoonishly struck by lightning again after jumping out of the ambulance.

Drew also poked fun at the stunt on his personal Twitter account. “The lightning must’ve thought I was wearing a Falcons jersey, that’s why it tried to get me,” he tweeted on Friday afternoon. “I’m fine…Who Dat!”

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