Duchess Kate wore jeggings & a blue Eponine wrap dress in Glasgow

Duchess Kate wore jeggings & a blue Eponine wrap dress in Glasgow

Prince William and Kate – aka the Earl and Countess of Strathearn in Scotland – were in Glasgow on Monday for the big two days of keening at the COP26 conference. World leaders flew in, mostly from Rome, where the G20 summit was held over the weekend. Prince Charles acted as host at the conference, so it’s a little bit funny to me that as Charles was doing diplomatic heavy lifting, miles away William and Kate did a cutesy, lightweight event with the Scouts. Kate is patron of the Scouts, although she barely does one event every two years with them. William has so little going on, he tagged along on her event.

So what did they do? They met with little kids, they “learned” about the Scouts’ program Promise to the Planet, and they threw seed bombs. Basically, a compacted pile of dirt and seeds. You throw the baseball-sized “seed bomb” into an area which needs greenery and care and you hope that things grow. It was cute and it was on “theme” for the COP26 conference, although I have to wonder that in the Queen’s absence, William probably would have been better scheduled to join his father in all of the diplomatic glad-handing? Maybe Charles – and Downing Street – realize that William can’t handle even the lightest soft-diplomacy tasks.

After all of that, the Strathearns were finally invited to the adults’ table. They attended the COP26 opening night reception, where Charles and Camilla held court but William and Kate were deployed to… maybe Charles look like a heavyweight, that would be my guess. Kate wore a new-to-us wrap dress by Eponine. She resisted the urge to “bespoke” the dress with a million buttons and instead just had two big buttons below her waist. The proportions of this dress feel completely off, so I do think she asked for them to customize it to make it more keen and Victorian.

PS… In the photo where it looks like she’s holding a small petri dish, she’s apparently offering dead bugs to William (and others). She was so pleased to find a container of dead bugs.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid & Instar Images.

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