Duggar Family Gathers for Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, Refuses to Wear Masks

When is an ugly Christmas sweater party just flat-out ugly?

When it involves dozens of guests… and not a single mask.

About a week before Jesus Christ's latest birthday, pretty much everyone in the Duggar family got together for a holiday gathering.

There were a whole lot of children and adults in attendance — and, like we said about, nary a face covering.

Did we also mention the event was inside? And that CDC guidelines have urged this many people NOT to gather indoors, especially when — yes, we're gonna say it again — no masks are being word?

For shame, Duggars.

Scroll down to see many of the party photos and to see what some critics are saying about them…

1.So Many Duggars, So Few Masks

2.Here is the Winner!

3.It Was All So Funny!

4.Really, Duggars?!?

5.For example…

6.Added Another Hater:

7.Angry and Jealous

8.These Kids are Very Cute…

9.FaceTimed In

10.Not Everyone Was a Troll

11.Just How Big Was This Party?

12.Everyone Socially-Distanced at Least, Right?

13.Happy Holidays to Us!

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