Emily Andrea says shell review evidence when considering vaccinating her kids against Covid

Emily Andrea says shell review evidence when considering vaccinating her kids against Covid

Emily Andrea has opened up about vaccinating children in her latest OK! column and said she with "review the evidence" when the time comes hers are eligible.

The star, who shares two children – Millie, seven, and Theo, five – with husband Peter Andre opened up about vaccines in her latest column and said it's important to remember that medical decisions are confidential and you don't have to tell others your vaccination decisions.

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We had a really lovely day in London with the kids last week. We went to the Tower of London and Millie and Theo loved it. They wanted to read and look at everything and asked really interesting questions. We also saw the Crown Jewels, which they loved. They walked around for hours and didn’t want to leave at the end!

Then we had a nice family lunch together at The Shard and took them up to the room we stayed in for my birthday, as they were upset they didn’t get to come with us. Theo loved the big telescope in there and didn’t want to leave as he wanted to keep looking! He sat by the window and looked out for ages. We’ve said to him if he is a good boy until November, when his birthday is, we might get him a telescope. When I explained that you can see the stars and the moon through it he was amazed!

Millie was back at school last week and Theo starts next week, so we went shopping for their new school shoes. Millie was really excited to go back as she loves her friends and teachers, but Theo still isn’t sure. He’s very much a homebody and likes being around me, so I’m hoping he’ll be fine once he gets there and makes some new friends. I’m trying to be really positive about it and keep consistency.

Help for new mums

Reese Witherspoon has opened up about lacking support when she had her first child and said that raising children is more than a two person job. Reese is based in America, so the system will have been different to here in the UK, but lots of experiences as a parent will be similar wherever you live.


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I had different experiences with my two kids as they were both so different. Millie was my first and she was a really good baby, but I was on my own quite a lot with her as Pete was away, so it could be lonely at times. Whereas with Theo, I was more experienced as a mum but he was more unsettled as a baby and had some problems with feeding.

I used the support of my midwife, health visitor and had a breastfeeding support worker as well. I needed more professional support and found the help was accessible. I’m lucky I have my family too – my mum and dad are very experienced. So it was OK, but there’s no doubt that it was tough! It’s not a walk in the park, but it’s amazing and my proudest achievement is my children.

Vaccine choices

Last week, Rochelle Humes said she was “conflicted” when discussing whether or not she would want her children to have the Covid-19 vaccines if they become eligible.

At the moment, the jab is being offered to 12 to 15 year olds – who are clinically vulnerable or who live with others who are at risk of getting unwell – and 16 and 17 year olds, as well as adults.

My children aren’t currently eligible, so if the time comes when they are offered a jab I will review all the evidence and make my decision. Any choice you make in terms of medical treatment is personal to you, and that is the same with the vaccine. We shouldn’t feel a pressure to justify it to others. Obviously there are times when you have to declare your vaccine status for things such as travelling or work, but sometimes there is a pressure to justify your choice even to a stranger!

I’d say make a decision based on the information at hand, and speak to your GP if you need advice.

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