Ex-Cop Who Shot Daunte Wright Charged Too Quickly, Says Timothy T. Williams Jr.

Kim Potter, the ex-police officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright, might very well deserve to be charged for killing him, but prosecutors made a big mistake by charging her in less than 2 days … so says Timothy T. Williams Jr.

Williams is a police procedure expert who’s analyzed many officer-involved shootings in America — like Wright’s last weekend in Brooklyn Center, MN — and he says these kinds of investigations require a tremendous amount of time … to do it properly, anyway.

That’s because, according to Williams, the case might not be as clear-cut as footage from one body cam shows … especially with other officers involved, so there are certainly multiple other videos and pieces of evidence to analyze.

Williams suggests in hastily charging Potter with second-degree manslaughter in Wright’s death, the prosecution took shortcuts … which any good defense attorney could capitalize on if the case goes to trial.

As for why he thinks this happened — Williams theorizes prosecutors failed to block out all the public noise and attention the case immediately drew … partly due to the proximity to Minneapolis where Derek Chauvin is standing trial for the murder of George Floyd.

For comparison’s sake — Chauvin was also arrested and charged fairly quickly … just 4 days after George was killed. Several more days passed, however, before the other officers involved were charged.

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