Gemma Collins' father in hospital fighting coronavirus

Gemma Collins has revealed her father is now in hospital after testing positive for coronavirus.

The former Towie star confirmed earlier this week that both her parents, Alan and Joan, had contracted Covid-19.

In a new update, Gemma shared a photo of her sitting with Alan by a lake and fishing during her childhood, with the caption: ‘THANK YOU QUEENS HOSPITAL❤️ NHS ❤️ALL THE AMAZING DOCTORS ❤️ who are helping my dad right now in hospital ❤️ NHS ❤️QUEENS HOSPITAL❤️.’

Gemma’s followers passed on their well wishes, with one commenting: ‘Get well soon Mr Collins ❤️❤️❤️.’

Another said: ‘Thinking of him 💙.’

‘Stay strong girl x,’ one fan encouraged.

Just hours before, Gemma, 39, had shared a photo in which she is holding Alan’s hand as he lies in bed.

She told her followers: ‘I’m so scared right now my dad is so unwell I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime.

‘Covid is so scary laying next to my dad holding his hand right now. I am showing you this to create awareness of how real Covid is.’

The reality star had previously urged the public to follow coronavirus guidelines after seeing first-hand how devastating the disease can be.

‘Please please please take notice of the guidelines ! Both my parents are extremely unwell with Covid 19!’ she wrote.

‘Seeing my dad cry which he never does ! Was a shock and say he would rather be dead then experience everything he is going through right now… this has totally wiped him out and it’s heartbreaking 💔.’

Gemma added: ‘My mum also is extremely extremely unwell with Covid also, this is real ! And please please take notice and keep your loved ones SAFE 🙏🏻 it really is petrifying 😢 what a difference a year makes.’

There are at least two new mutant strains of coronavirus that have been detected in the UK, one of which is said to be 70% more contagious than the last but no more lethal. The second mutant strain is believed to have originated in South Africa.

So far, more than 69,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the UK, while over two million cases have been confirmed,

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