Giovanni Pernice branded a ‘5ft 9in stick insect’ by Piers Morgan over ‘cocky’ suggestion

Strictly: Giovanni sends message to Ranvir

After Piers Morgan’s colleague Ranvir Singh “lit up” the dancefloor in Strictly Come Dancing 2020, her partner Giovanni Pernice has said he would like to try being in a “same-sex couple” with him. The Good Morning Britain star, however, is not sure if the pro dancer would be able to handle his “lump of molten muscular gristle”, as he referred to him as a “stick insect”.

Piers relayed that Giovanni had said: “‘I would love to dance with him, sexy Piers.

“‘I would love to get down with him on the dancefloor and see what he’s really made of.”

In response, the journalist has now responded: “I would destroy his confidence in a week.

“In a week we will realise, ‘Who’s this man? What is that? Is it really Piers?’

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“Hmmm. I have several thoughts about this cocky challenge,” he added.

The Good Morning Britain star has already enjoyed a same-sex routine with Strictly judge Bruno Tonioli at his 50th birthday.

He recalled: “And Bruno’s verdict on my dancefloor moves? ‘That was sizzling Swayze in Dirty Dancing with a dash of tantalising Travolta and nifty Nureyev!”

Piers believes that Giovanni would not be able to handle his overpowering physique.

He shared: “Giovanni’s a 5ft 9in stick insect, and I’m a 6ft 1in lump of molten muscular gristle.”

His colleague Susanna was also sceptical if Giovanni would be able to lift him, after “two wine and cheese-fuelled lockdowns”.

Piers said: “I’d love to know how he [Giovanni] intends hurling me through the air. 

“As my habitual fat-shamer Susanna Reid said, ‘The lifts could be… interesting,’” he added in his Daily Mail column.

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This year Ranvir and Giovanni made it through to the semi-finals of Strictly.

The former later revealed on GMB that she “adores” her dance partner amid weeks of speculation about a possible romance between them.

The TV presenter discussed how she experienced a “deep” and “intense” connection with the Italian performer.

Susanna spoke to Ranvir about her relationship with Giovanni, as she questioned their connection after spending prolonged periods of time at each other’s side.

Susanna said: “It is intense when you have been up close and personal with somebody else for such a long period of time and you have been pursuing the same journey… physically and emotionally for a very long time. Do you think you’ll stay friends with Giovanni now?”

Ranvir answered: “I’m going to see him today because we’re doing a group dance for Saturday, so I’ve actually got to go back into rehearsals for that. 

“Yeah, I think we will. I mean I think we will stay friends. Why not? Because we have experienced something quite deep and quite intense actually.

“That’s a very special thing,” she added.

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