Internet Has Some Thoughts After Lil Pump Claims He’s Mistaken for Chris Brown

Internet Has Some Thoughts After Lil Pump Claims He’s Mistaken for Chris Brown

Some believe that people who mistake the ‘Gucci Gang’ hitmaker for the ‘Loyal’ singer must be on drugs, while one urges Pump to ‘STOP VISITING THE BLIND and DEAF MALLS.’

AceShowbiz -There are many cases when celebrities get mistaken for their fellow peers due to their similar looks, but this might be the wildest one yet. Lil Pump recently claimed on Instagram Stories that people mistook him for Chris Brown, and social media users were so baffled by the claim they started trolling the “Gucci Gang” hitmaker.

In a video posted on the photo-sharing platform, Pump could be heard saying, “I was walking around the mall yesterday. And then some people got me confused thinking I was Chris Brown. So I was like, ‘Yeah? I’m running with that now.’ ” He later shared a picture of himself relaxing at a beach in tribal-patterned pants and specs. He doubled down his claim in the caption, “Somebody thought I was Chris Brown do I look like him ?”

Many, unsurprisingly, didn’t think so, with some suggesting that people who mistook him for the “Loyal” singer might be on drugs. “KIDS STAY AWAY from DRUGS THIS WHAT IT DO TO YOU,” one exclaimed as another was still in disbelief by what s/he just heard, “Can we Get a better understanding ??? Who tf was looking at you Ray Charles ?” There was one who believed that those people were “blind,” while one other joked that Stevie Wonder was among the people who mistook Pump for Brown.

“He ain’t have to disrespect Chris Brown like that,” one individual said as someone suspected that Pump might be hearing it wrong. “You sure they didn’t say 69?” so the user said, referring to Tekashi69 a.k.a. 6ix9ine. “Must been at a crackhead mall,” one person said, with another urging him to “STOP VISITING THE BLIND &DEAF MALLS.” One other user was convinced that the people who thought that “must of been off shrooms and hallucinating.”

Brown himself hasn’t responded to the comparison.

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