It is ‘unlikely’ that Prince Andrew will ever appear on a Remembrance Day again

For the past two years, we’ve seen the near constant media and courtier attacks on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and we’ve seen how those same people behave with regards to Prince Andrew’s criminal behavior, his shady finances, his friendship with the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and his reported rape and abuse of victims of human trafficking. The comparisons are startling. So in a week full of manufactured Sussex “drama,” a curious little item popped up on the Daily Mail regarding Prince Andrew. November will mark the one-year anniversary of Andrew’s disastrous BBC interview and his “stepping down” from full-time royal duties. I honestly thought he would be “back” by now. Andrew did too. But here we are, talking about how Andrew is being shoved away (quietly, respectfully) from any public appearances to mark Remembrance Day in November.

The Duke of York will not be present at this year’s Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph and sources say it is ‘unlikely’ he will ever make an appearance again. Royal aides are said to have been ‘agonising’ over how to handle the predicament.

Plans for a significantly pared-down service this year are said to have given them the perfect excuse not to include the beleaguered prince in the traditional royal line-up on November 8.

Buckingham Palace is in the process of finalising the event but, subject to receiving appropriate advice, the Queen will again oversee the commemorations from the balcony of the Foreign and Commonwealth building overlooking the Cenotaph in Whitehall. The 94-year-old’s heir, the Prince of Wales, will lay a wreath on her behalf. She handed over this duty to him in 2017 due to her age.

Other members of the Royal Family who normally attend the event, organised by the Royal British Legion, are likely to lead commemorations elsewhere due to social distancing rules.

[From The Daily Mail]

I would assume that Andrew has been told to not make any plans to join in any way. I would also assume that this is not the Queen’s call – clearly, she would love to have her favorite son involved on Remembrance Day or any day, really. Also: now I kind of wonder if William and Kate will be involved on Remembrance Day? Especially if they’re trying to do a limited, social-distanced ceremony? Hm.

Maybe Andrew can earn his way by washing her floors on Christmas Day so her staff can spend time with their families?

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