Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau: Ugh, Are They Really Back Together?!

Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau: Ugh, Are They Really Back Together?!

Perhaps we shouyld’ve seen this one coming.

From the moment that Lauren Comeau dumped Javi Marroquin back in … there were fears that she wou;ld eventually weaken and take him back.

But here at The Hollywood Gossip, we had faith in Lauren.

After all, this was not the first time that she had caught Javi cheating on her.

The first time, she forgave him and took him back.

He rewarded her by trying to have sex with Kailynm Lowry in a gas station parking lot.

We assumed that after being burned so severely, Lauren would never even consider giving Javi a second chance.

But it turns out we may have been dead wrong on that score.

Over the weekend, Javi and Lauren were spotted together at a restaurant in Atlantic City.

So not only does it look like they’re back together, they’re also traveling and eating in restaurants during a pandemic! For shame!

News of this possible reconciliation comes to us courtesy of the Teen Mom Tea Instagram account.

A follower spotted Javi and Lauren and sent the page a tip revealing that the exes seemed very comfortable with one another during an evening on the town.

 “I’m at the Sugar Factory in Atlantic City, New Jersey and Javi and Lauren are together,” the tipster wrote.

“When he left for the bathroom, she denied she was Lauren yet he clearly had the whole tattoo sleeve on his arm.”

It’s not totally clear what was meant by that last sentence, but it seems like the informant was able to confirm Javi and Lauren’s identitied because of their tattoos?

Whatever the case, this is not the first time that these two have been seen together in public in the months since their very public breakup.

They were previously spotted attending church services together.

On that occasion, Javi lashed out at “the haters” and claimed that he and Lauren were merely “co-parenting together.”

“We have always gone to this church, at this service,” Marroquin wrote on Instagram.

“Because we are no longer together doesn’t change when we go to church or that we have a child together so we go to the same service at the church so we can see the boys on each other’s week,” he continued.

“This was my week with Eli, so Lauren sees us there going in and out with the boys from Childcare.”

From there, Javi launched into a tirade about the sanctity of church and the evil of internet trolls:

“People can co parent, and attend church which should be a safe space away from internet trolls, and be cordial without you all making it more than it is,” he wrote.

“Stop s–ting on people for actually positively co parenting,” Marroquin continued.

“Y’all should join us instead of spending all this time on the internet.”

We’re not totally sure what he means when he tells internet randos to “join us,” but we do know that Javi slamming the trolls for interfering in his relationship with God is beyond hilarious.

Bro, maybe if you spent more time being a decent partner and father and less time trying to bang your ex in a Wawa parking lot, folks wouldn’t have so much to say about your activities.

Just a thought.

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