Jenna Dewan Moves Into a New Home with Steve Kazee on Her 39th Birthday!

Jenna Dewan just celebrated her 39th birthday and she had a big day – it was move-in day with boyfriend Steve Kazee!

The pregnant actress, who will star in the upcoming Netflix series Soundtrack, was seen moving into a new home on Tuesday (December 3) in Los Angeles.

TMZ reports that Jenna has been living with Steve for a little while now and she recently closed on a new home.

Steve wrote a super sweet note on Instagram to celebrate the special day.

“This woman. What an indelible mark she has placed on my heart. The day of her birth has been a full one for us so far…dropping off the kiddo at school, baby doc appointment, nursery planning, moving into our new home, picking the kiddo up from school and so many other little life moments,” Steve wrote in his post. “Through it all I love catching eyes with her and knowing that she is the person I will be spending the rest of my life with. I couldn’t be more grateful that she was put on this earth and that we found each other through all the noise. I love you Jenna and I hope you have the happiest of birthdays!”

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