Jennifer Lopez Checking Out L.A. Schools, Moving in with Ben?

Jennifer Lopez was on a mission Friday, visiting at least one school in the L.A. area, which could be a blazing signal she and Ben could end up under the same roof.

J Lo was tooling around with her trusty notepad, after spending time with Ben at his home on the Westside of L.A.

They have been crisscrossing the country since hooking up … Ben traveled to Miami to be with her, and she’s now in L.A. returning the favor.

Unlike some celeb couples, they are not hiding their relationship … they have been out and about together, arm-in-arm and arm on waist.

This would be pretty huge, not just for Ben and Jen … but for J Lo’s kids too — who’ve been doing their schooling out of Miami in recent years. Prior to the pandemic … her twins, Max and Emme, attended in-person classes … and obviously went virtual when the pandemic hit.

Bottom line is … if Jennifer’s looking into schools in L.A. — it might mean the kiddos are relocating as well. Maybe this is what she was talking to her ex-hubby, Marc Anthony, about a couple weeks back. Those are his children too, after all … so ya figure if she’s doing this, he’d have to be on board.

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