Jimmy Fallon: I’ve stocked up, I’ve never eaten more food in my life

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Trevor Noah was a skype-in guest on the Jimmy Fallon: home edition show. This was the first of Jimmy’s at-home shows I’ve seen and he’s really leaning into the amateur-angle of it, which is cute. His daughters played keyboards and cowbell to open, they drew him a little sign, and he went into different areas of his house for segments, including a bizarre cowboy one that I fast forwarded through. His house is surprisingly rustic and parts of it are designed to look like a cabin.

Trevor was Jimmy’s first guest and he came across as somewhat arrogant at first. He said the shelter in place order was not an adjustment for him because he’s always been an indoor person and that he hasn’t been stressed out at all. To his credit, Trevor said he’s been stressed for other people and the effects the economic downturn will have on the poor especially. He passionately advocated for people living paycheck to paycheck and recommended we support No Kid Hungry. He also said he hasn’t been eating more and has been intermittent fasting. No shade on that, everyone responds to isolation differently and we all have different eating habits. I could definitely relate to Jimmy though, as he said he’s never eaten more after stocking up for the extended shelter in place.

Jimmy: I started [intermittent fasting] like two weeks ago and then, when this happened, I stocked up on so much food I’ve never eaten more in my life. I don’t want it to go to waste. I’m eating like six meals a day.

Trevor: I’ve done the complete opposite. I didn’t buy a bunch of stuff. I get panic buying, but living in NY has taught me not to panic. People don’t know what to buy in an emergency. When they people say there’s going to be a blizzard in NY… I’ve seen people buy all the bread. Bread is the worst thing to buy for a disaster. It doesn’t last. Now… people are buying toilet paper like [the virus] is going to cause you to go on a rampage in the bathroom or something. You don’t need that much toilet paper.

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Trevor also recommended that you treat this like a zombie epidemic and stay in your homes like you’re scared of becoming a zombie. That’s smart and I like that analogy.

My friend Alnaaze on Twitter told me her theory about toilet paper panic buying, which I thought was so clever. It’s a dignity thing in that people associate toilet paper with dignity. As for panic buying bread, you can freeze bread! I bought one extra loaf of each of the kinds my son and I like and I froze it. I’m trying to only shop every week and a half and freezing things helps.

I have a theory about being hungry and you can tell me I’m full of sh-t. (I’ve come to expect this as part of my job.) When I first started feeling sick with something unlike anything I’ve ever had before, which has lingered longer than any illness I’ve ever had before, I got SO hungry. (I’m on the other side of it although I’m not back to normal.) I felt hungrier than I get during my period, but it felt similar to that in that it wasn’t normal stress or boredom eating, it was like I couldn’t be satisfied. I still have that although it comes and goes. Yes this could be an excuse I’m using to just eat all the things in isolation, but I think that hunger is a symptom of mild cases. It could also be related to not being able to smell or taste things like normal, which has definitely happened to me too. As we’ve discussed in our posts and on the podcast, we think that so many people have had this and that they’ve dismissed it. Experts are wondering about that too.

As to our weight gain, we’re all in this together. I have eaten so much stockpiled peanut butter. Maybe it helped me recover though. Also as Trevor mentioned please support your local food back and charities like Feeding America and No Kid Hungry because so many people are hungry and need help.

Trevor’s interview starts around minute 10. There’s also an interview with DJ DNice! Read Hecate’s story on the awesome remote dance parties he’s been throwing.

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