Joe Manganiello Reveals What Wife Sofia Vergara Really Thinks of His Blue Mohawk

Joe Manganiello is opening up about what wife Sofia Vergara really thinks of his electric blue mohawk he’s been sporting over quarantine.

Speaking with ET, the 43-year-old actor shared that Sofia “married an actor, so she had to think the weirdness would come out at some point.”

Joe also admitted that the mohawk was for a film role, but the hair color was all his idea.

“I had my hair in a white mohawk for a role and I’m getting ready to shave it tomorrow morning completely off for another role,” Joe shared, hinting at his upcoming appearance in Zack Snyder‘s Justice League “Snyder Cut”. So I had a, like a two or three-week span where I could do whatever I wanted with it,” he said. “So I just dyed my mohawk blue!”

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He added about being part of the Snyder Cut: “It was my opportunity to put my stink on the character, you know? I had my own opinions about the character and once they hand it over to the actor, it becomes the actor’s, and you get to do what you want with it.”

“When Zack called me and said he wanted me to come back, I said, ‘Well, I’ve got a couple ideas about things I want to do,’ and Zack was really excited about them all, including, you know, the change to a more warlike Deathstroke,” Joe shared.

Deathstroke was rumored to have a bigger role in the Snyder Cut earlier this year, and now the limited event will have a lot of new footage. Find out just how much here!

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