Katie Price ‘changes story’ about carjacking as she claims she was punched

Katie Price ‘changes story’ about carjacking as she claims she was punched

Katie Price was left traumatised when her convoy was attacked during a holiday to South Africa last year.

And now the mum-of-five appears to have recalled some extra details about what happened during the carjacking horror .

The reality star documented how she spiralled following a series of events in her life that ended with her completing a stint at The Priory.

When speaking about the carjacking crime, she claimed that she was also punched in the face during the ordeal, which Katie has never mentioned before.

The 41-year-old also alleges the punch happened in front of Princess and Junior who witnessed the entire nightmare.

"My friend got knocked unconscious, blood everywhere and his eye socket is f***ed," she told Fabulous magazine .

"I was punched in the face and the kids saw everything . That's why I'm getting a protection dog. It's had a massive toll. The police said we were lucky we didn't get shot."

Previously Katie spoke of her terror during the attack and how she feared for the lives of her two children.

They were driving to Swaziland in two people carriers, with their film crew and other tourists, when they were ambushed and surrounded by the gang, who punched Katie’s driver unconscious.

Mirror Online have contacted Katie's reps for comment.

Three people in Katie’s group, including a tourist left with facial injuries, were taken to hospital after Thursday night’s horror.

Katie and her kids were left stranded by the roadside after the thugs took the people carriers’ keys but escaped in their own car, they stole mobiles, laptops, passports and cash.

She was said to be “traumatised” after the gang targeted her children by former husband Peter Andre, 45.

The night it happened was shown on Katie's Quest Red reality series My Crazy Life.

Viewers just saw footage of the emergency response and not the actual thugs she believed were putting her life in danger.

In clips from the show, Katie said: "I don't know much about South Africa, but I know that the journey we was taking, Neil said, 'This isn't a normal route that anyone would take. It's not really a touristy route'."

The scene then cut to show cars driving down a road, and Katie's kids could be heard telling her they need to go to the bathroom.

"As it started to get dark, our South African trip was about to take an unexpected turn for the worse," Katie continued in the episode.

Footage of police cars with flashing lights and sirens were then shown before Katie continued to explain what happened.

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