Kyle Kuzma Fined $15K For Flipping Middle Finger At Fan

Kyle Kuzma Fined $15K For Flipping Middle Finger At Fan

Kyle Kuzma‘s middle finger just cost him — the NBA just hit the Wizards forward with a $15,000 punishment … after he flipped the bird at a fan earlier this week.

The incident took place when Kuzma — a native of Michigan — was in town playing against his hometown Detroit Pistons.

The Wizards were winning 94-88 in the fourth quarter when Kuz nailed a corner three … then turned around and gave a fan the middle finger gesture.

Unclear what, or even if, the fan said something … but you can tell Kuzma did it deliberately.

The game went to overtime — Kuzma finished with a team-high 28 points and his team secured the W, 119-116 … but let’s be honest, the bird was the highlight of the night.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Kuz has gone at fans this season — he nailed a dagger three against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and blamed hecklers for motivating him to knock down the game-winning shot.

Kuzma is typically a good sport … when social media roasted him for wearing that oversized pink sweater, Kyle seemed to go along with the jokes.

Next time you clap back, Kuz, keep it PG!! Or don’t. But, be ready to pay up!!

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