Lamar Odom Speaks Out On Tristan Thompson's Cheating Admission & Has THIS To Say About Khloé…

Lamar Odom Speaks Out On Tristan Thompson's Cheating Admission & Has THIS To Say About Khloé…

For better or worse, it would appear that Lamar Odom is shooting his shot… again.

The former Los Angeles Lakers star is speaking out in the wake of Tristan Thompson‘s shocking admission of guilt in having fathered a child with personal trainer Maralee Nichols behind then-partner Khloé Kardashian‘s back. Of course, Lamar has a long and sordid history of his own with ex-wife Khloé. So clearly, he can’t resist speaking up in her defense!

In the wake of Tristan’s now-infamous Instagram Stories cheating confirmation and public apology, the 42-year-old former NBA player and one-time Khloé and Lamar star is opening up.

Using his verified account, Odom published his thoughts in the comments section of a Facebook post of a news story about Thompson, laying it all out there in just two sentences (below):

“I truly wish nothing but the best for her and I’m hoping we can reconnect and talk one day as friends. She is a good person and deserves the world.”

So that’s nice and all! But that middle part really has our attention: “I’m hoping we can reconnect.”

Um… really?!

As we noted, this is far from the first time Lamar has come forward publicly to seek some type of reconciliation with Khloé. Heck, just a few months ago, Lamar and Tristan nearly came to blows after Kobe Bryant‘s former teammate went a little too far in commenting on one of the Revenge Body host’s thirst traps! Come to think of it, it’ll be interesting to see if Tristan reacts to this public comment now as aggressively as he did back in July…

But even beyond his feud with Tristan, Lam-Lam has been remarkably consistent for a remarkably long time in his desire to reunite with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. And as Perezcious readers will no doubt recall, Odom’s history with the 37-year-old reality TV personality is significant: four years of marriage in the early 2010s leading up to a 2013 divorce decree, which wasn’t officially finalized for three more years due to Lamar’s near-death experience after an awful 2015 overdose.

In the years since that time, the former University of Rhode Island basketball player has been very open about his feelings towards Khloé. Heck, for a time there, Khloé herself even admitted to missing Lamar, too! But reconnection appears to be off the table now, as his ex-wife has pretty explicitly moved on for good — even despite her baby daddy’s persistent bad behavior. And yet Lamar persists…

Hey, maybe give the guy the littlest bit of credit here: he knows now that he f**ked up years ago when they split, so at least he realizes his mistake… right? Or is it just too much at this point??

Sound OFF with your thoughts on Lamar endlessly inserting himself into more of Khloé’s present-day drama down in the comments (below)!!

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