Lil Nas X Makes Appearance In Hilarious Maury Episode

Lil Nas X Makes Appearance In Hilarious Maury Episode

A new episode of the melodramatic daytime show “Maury” features hip-hop superstar Lil Nas X.

“Montero and Yai are football teammates who quickly became lovers . Montero was shocked to discover soon after that Yai was married with a child,” a description for the video reads. “Now, Montero is here to tell Yai’s wife, Ashley, about their secret love affair. Maury will get the answers they need. Will Montero get exactly what he wants?”

Lil Nas’ appearance in the “Maury” episode, titled “Leave Your Wife for Me Today … That’s What I Want,” begins with a clip from his “Thats What I Want” music video that shows him telling the story of falling in love with his football teammate, Yai.

The episode shows Nas confronting Yai after finding out that he is hiding a family from him and revealing to Yai’s wife Ashley that her husband has been dating him.

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