Louis C.K. Heckled During Dave Chappelle’s Ohio Show

One random attendee allegedly pokes fun at the disgraced comedian over his sexual misconduct when the star took the stage as Chappelle’s surprise guest in Ohio.

AceShowbizLouis C.K. was met with a frosty reception when he appeared onstage as a “surprise guest” at Dave Chappelle‘s recent comedy show.

The disgraced comedian has rarely performed since he was accused of sexual misconduct and public masturbation by multiple women in 2017 – actions he has since apologised for.

While many have turned on the star, Chappelle showed fans he still supports his old friend by introducing him onstage at the “Dave Chappelle & Friends: An Intimate Socially Distanced Affair” in Yellow Springs.

After snaps emerged of the star performing, a source, who wished to remain anonymous, told Entertainment Weekly he received a “mixed-to-positive reaction at the beginning” but “was not really on his game and he got some hecklers about halfway through.”

The highlight of C.K.’s 20-minute set followed an interruption by a heckler, who referenced the sexual misconduct allegations against the comedian, the insider alleged.

The comic was reportedly doing “silly, non-distinct” impressions of random people and, after asking attendees to give him suggestions, one man shouted, “How about the toilet seat you jerked off on?”

“People were like, ‘Oh, crap. That was brutal.’ And then he had a pretty good comeback, which was, ‘I don’t do my best material on these shows.’ “

The audience member went on to admit the atmosphere during C.K.’s performance was uncomfortable, explaining, “Everybody was on pins and needles… Of all the people that could’ve been the secret headliner, it was way out of leftfield.”

Ahead of C.K.’s set, Chappelle gave him a short-but-sweet introduction, describing the comic as “somebody whose comedy I admired for his whole career” and said “a lot of you will recognise him.”

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