Love Island fans brand show a ‘fix’ as Amy and Curtis hold hands

Love Island fans brand show a ‘fix’ as Amy and Curtis hold hands

Love Island fans were left confused after they spotted exes Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard holding hands and grinning together during last night’s episode.

As the Islanders were treated to a performance from Craig David, the air hostess and the pro ballroom dancer could be seen excitedly dashing out of the villa hand in hand with huge smiles on their faces.

But the happy display triggered hordes of viewers taking to social media to question if the show was a fix, what with Curtis leaving heartbroken Amy in floods of tears when he dumped her just days before.

One Tweeted: ‘Amy and Curtis were just holding hands walking down the stairs when they noticed Craig David singing…..urm fix???? #loveisland.’

Another questioned whether the ITV dating show is scripted, writing: ‘What I want to know is if Amy hates Curtis so much and love island isn’t scripted, then why were Curtis and Amy running out holding hands together? ? #LoveIsland.’

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A third noted that in every other point in the episode, the former couple were seen behaving as total enemies.

They wrote: ‘Curtis and Amy holding hands and running down to Craig David then the rest of the show they will show them hating each other ? I suppose “it is what it is” the show is set up #LoveIsland.’

During the latest instalment of the drama, Amy was hurt when she watched Curtis teaching feisty Irish girl Maura how to dance, despite the fact he always refused to share his skills with her when they were half-boyfriend and half-girlfriend.

Maura later admitted her feelings to Curtis, flirtatiously putting it out there that she is interested in him now that he is single.


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