Love Island fans brand Tom ‘scum’ for treating Maura like ‘piece of meat’

Love Island fans brand Tom ‘scum’ for treating Maura like ‘piece of meat’

Love Island fans were left raging after last night’s episode, branding contestant Tom Walker ‘scum’ for treating Maura Higgins like a ‘piece of meat’.

In the latest instalment of drama from the villa, Irish bombshell Maura was given the opportunity to take a boy of her choice into the hideaway for a cosy night alone together.

But the stunning ring girl was left fuming after overhearing chosen lad Tom tell his fellow male contestants: ‘Let’s see if she’s all mouth or not,’ as they prepared to head into the private bedroom.

As Maura told Tom to ‘f*** off’ over the ‘d***head comment’ hordes of viewers took to Twitter to react to the mega cringe moment.

One angry Tweeter penned: ‘Tom thinking he’s entitled to sleeping with Maura… bitch bye. Scum. #loveisland,’ while another remarked: ‘Tom is the stupidest man ever wtf #LoveIsland.’

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Many fans of the ITV show made it clear that Maura’s previously open attitude towards sex didn’t excuse Tom’s behaviour.

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One wrote: ‘I’ve loved Maura from the start, yes she was a bit full on to begin with but she knows herself. Good for her for not standing for that male chauvinist pig behaviour. Regardless of how she talks about sex, doesn’t mean she’s a piece of meat. #loveisland.’

Meanwhile, another piped up to add: ‘Maura should of fully slapped Tom for that comment he made

Fucking disgusting, no wonder he’s single #LoveIsland.’

One more irritated viewer chipped in: ‘What’s more disgusting is Tom said “lets see if she’s all mouth” in proximity to Maura, and repeated it like it was nothing. She’s a woman COMFORTABLE with her sexuality. No girl should ever be made to feel like a sexual object.’

Such drama! Bring on tonight’s episode.

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