Love Island’s Joanna gives live response to Michael’s passionate snog with Amber

Love Island’s Joanna gives live response to Michael’s passionate snog with Amber

Dumped Love Island contestant Joanna Chimonides has shared with fans her live reaction as Michael Griffiths cracked on with his ex Amber Gill in Thursday night's show.

After being booted from the show at the start of the week, Joanna was forced to watch the drama from her livingroom.

As she vowed to give her running commentary, Joanna looked on in horror as Michael told Amber it was her he'd wanted all along.

"Wow! Like even my dogs are going crazy. Oh my gosh!" said Joanna, as she put her head in her hands.

Voicing her disgust as the firefighter's change in heart she complained: "The amount of times I said to Michael 'Please check Amber is OK please go over to see her. And he was like 'no, no, no.'

"I feel like the thing is constantly getting pointed at me with him," she sighed.

Then things went from bad to worse during the challenge as Michael seized the opportunity to snog Amber.

The pair stunned their fellow Islanders by locking lips for several seconds in the passionate embrace.

"At least Michael's getting some action," quipped Joanna.

The firefighter has not wasted much time in moving on from Joanna despite telling saying 'he'd found everything he wanted.'

But during Thursday night's episode, Michael was branded a 'snake' for telling ex Amber he was actually complimenting her as Joanna was kicked off the show.

While the drama continues in the villa, Joanna has caused a stir herself as was seen cosying up to another ex contestant.

As she touched down in the UK after her flight from Majorca, Joanna was greeted by Jack Fowler who appeared on the show in 2018.

The two shared a warm hug with Joanna even leaping into his arms and wrapping her legs around him.

However, since the two were spotted by eagle-eyed fans, Joanna has come out to say that they are just friends and have been since they were kids.

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