Love Island’s Liberty Poole suffered ‘constant torture’ after boyfriend cheated

Love Island’s Liberty Poole suffered ‘constant torture’ after boyfriend cheated

Love Island’s Liberty Poole has admitted that she suffered "constant torture" after a former boyfriend cheated on her.

The 23 year old sat down for an exclusive chat with OK! ahead of her new IGTV series Second Skin, opening up about life after Love Island, her years of editing her own images for social media, and how she's finally now in a place of self-confidence.

These days, Liberty's 1.4million Instagram followers often see her showing off her natural curves as she promotes body positivity on the social media platform – but it wasn't always so.

Liberty told us of how one boyfriend – prior to her stint on Love Island – was unfaithful, which led to a downward spiral in which she would compare herself to the girl he cheated with and constantly wonder if she was pretty enough.

She said: "I went through a time where I got cheated on. And I hyper fixated on this girl and I literally compared myself to her every day.

"I got into this toxic habit of constantly asking my friends and my mum 'Am I prettier than her? Am I prettier than her?' and it was just so toxic."

Liberty continued: "I constantly tortured my mind with horrible thoughts, then after that, I just went into every relationship leading with my personality – that was my coping mechanism."

Discussing the hurtful comments she received upon coming out of Love Island, Liberty said: "The first comments I got coming out of the show were always on my appearance.

"People would say 'oh, you're a lot skinnier in person' or 'you're so much better in person, the Love Island cameras did you dirty', it was all very appearance-focused."

She continued: "I've had a lot of verbal abuse since Love Island, but after having a cry about it, I thought 'I can't let this get to me – I need to do something positive about it'."

Speaking about how she feels about herself now, Liberty told us: "I look back and I think, oh my gosh, I've come so far since then. Yeah, I do need my personality. But I also think I'm beautiful as well."

"I'm still going through that journey, and I'm not there yet – I'm not the finished product, but no one's perfect."

Liberty admitted that she used to edit her photos so much that her stepdad even told her that she "looked like an alien".

She said: "I used to look back on photos that I used to edit before Love Island, and there was one where I was a size six to eight, and asked myself 'why did I want to edit myself to a size that is not even normal?'"

"I used that particular snap as my profile picture on WhatsApp, and my stepdad said to me: 'Liberty, you don't look human in that – you look like an alien'."

She continued: "I couldn't see it myself. And that's a really scary thing."

"This is why I have started my own IGTV series on Instagram now called Second Skin – because I want to talk about the stuff that we go through.

"Whether it's self esteem issues, body confidence, relationships, friendships, as I really want to talk and delve deep into questions that we don't ask ourselves, and to really challenge the norms of society."


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