Love Island’s Theo Campbell believes he will regain vision in right eye — despite doctors warnings it is ‘highly unlikely’

Theo Campbell has revealed he believes he will see again, despite doctors telling him it is unlikely his vision will return to his right eye.

The 28 year old was hurt in a freak accident in Ibiza on Monday, where a Champagne cork flew into his eye, splitting his eyeball in two.

After doctors told the Love Island star there is little chance his vision will return to normal, Theo says he "know his body" and believes he will make a full recovery.

He took to his Instagram stories to share a video of himself after a doctors appointment to update his 299,000 followers.

After sharing a clip of Jim Carrey asking a love interest if he has a chance with her in Dumb and Dumber, Theo said: "Yeah I know, I play a lot, I play a lot. Got to laugh though, got to laugh otherwise you'll cry, so that's it.

"But I went to the doctor and these eye doctors, yeah, they don't like to give away an inch, so he says 'it was a very successful procedure, the doctor in Ibiza done a very good job with the stitches so the eye is together which is the main part.

"I've still got it, obviously, the outside is damaged but I can open my eye and I can see light so I'm not completely blind, so that's a good step.

"So I said 'what are the chances of me seeing again like I used to?' and he's like 'no chance, a little bit of a chance.' So I was like 'there's a bit of a chance?' and he's like, 'never like how you used to, you'll just have to see, it's very unlikely, you'll have to wait and see,' and I was like 'yeah, but doc you know your body. I have my eye, it's together, I just know my body and I've always healed up from everything, always.'"

However, he did admit: "I've never been injured like this before but I just feel like I know my body and I was like, 'doc, you don't know my body like I know my body, I feel like it might be alright,' he's like, 'it might be but I don't think it will be.'

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"But I think, you know, doctors do that thing where they give you no hope so if it does happen you'll feel that much better for it, so I was hoping he was doing that."

He continued: "Again, thanks for all the messages, they're really appreciated, and just do me a favour, don't feel sorry for me because I don't feel sorry for me. S**t happens, it just happened to me. I ain't dead, it could be worse, not that much worse, but it could be worse, it could always be worse."

Kaz Crossley's boyfriend finished his message: "Always have hope, or be a bit deluded like me, I might be a bit deluded."

His upload comes just days after the hunk — who has found fame in America on reality show The Challenge — shared a video of himself just seconds after the horror accident occurred.

He reflected on the accident with the video, hinting that he wishes he could have been more "prepared" ahead of the incident.

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In the short clip, Theo is seen clutching at his eye socket while the sound of bottles opening fills the air.

Being helped by a man with goggles on his head, Theo wrote: "If only I had that guys goggles…prepared [sic]"

Theo took to Twitter earlier this week to inform his 19,000 followers: "Just Wana say thanks again for all the love and support there’s been 100x more then I imagined. I haven’t had a chance to read all the messages yet but they’re much appreciated [sic]

"I currently have 7 stitches in my eye (gross) and the doctors say it’s unlikely I’ll see properly again, they done a good job saving it as they said I might loose my whole eye to begin with.

"But Im hopeful and don’t want to believe my eye is gone forever. Anything is possibl [sic]"

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