Lucy Mecklenburgh’s son Roman has chicken pox weeks after scary hospital dash

Lucy Mecklenburgh’s son Roman has chicken pox weeks after scary hospital dash

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Lucy Mecklenburgh has revealed her 18 month old son Roman has caught chicken pox just weeks after his terrifying stay in the intensive care unit.

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Lucy rushed her son Roman to hospital after she found him looking "blue" in his cot earlier this month.

And when asked in an Instagram Q&A about how her adorable toddler was doing now, the 30 year old reality star said on Wednesday: "He's really good but now has chicken pox."

Sharing snaps of Roman's leg, feet and hand, Lucy explained: "They're everywhere but quite mild and not bothering him too much though. He's a tough little boy."

This comes just a few days after Lucy revealed that Roman is now required to take an inhaler twice a day after his scary hospital dash.

Lucy and fiancé Ryan Thomas' son Roman then spent time in St Mary's London intensive care unit and was on a ventilator before returning home.

On her Instagram story, Lucy shared a video of her son Roman playing with his inhaler with an added aero-chamber, which makes it easier for children to use.

Speaking from behind the camera, Lucy explained: "Just trying to get him used to his inhaler. He has to have this twice a day now," she said. "But, he doesn't like it."

Later, Lucy revealed she had been flooded with questions from parents asking about her experience so they can look out for the signs.

She wrote a lengthy post explaining the ordeal on her Instagram story. It read: "I completely understand and don't want any parents to worry every night."

Lucy went on to explain her son had a "viral-induced wheeze" and had woken up with "a slight cold in the morning" in a couple of occasions.

She added that he also occasionally "had a little wheeze by lunchtime" and added the pair previously went to A&E after he was "struggling to breathe" as she noticed "his chest is sucking in & working really hard".

Mum Lucy then explained: "We are usually out by the morning after the nebuliser, oxygen and steroids and monitoring over night."

Lucy then explained: "This time however he had a little wheeze at lunchtime but no wheeze before bed and he seemed completely fine other than a snotty nose. I still gave him 2 puffs of his inhaler before bed just incase.

"When I heard very quiet cry's of distress At around 4am I went in his room. He was blue/grey, floppy when I picked him cup, in and out of consciousness & sick in his mouth.

"I called 999, cleared his mouth and have him his inhaler. I wish I could say I stayed calm, but I really didn't."

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