Martin Lewis apologises as viewers left confused with The Money Show advice

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Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis, 48, has taken to Twitter to apologise to his followers for a “slip of the tongue” on his self-titled Money Show on ITV. The finance professional set the record straight by informing his followers about the correct date to declare the fund to support their businesses affected by COVID-19.

Apologies, slip of the tongue

Martin Lewis

Martin spoke out about his mistake in view of his one million followers.

He penned: “Apparently in @itvMLshow talking about the self employ grant, I said you have to declare business affected by covid since July 14, when I meant July 14th.(sic)

“Apologies, slip of the tongue, the graphic behind me was correct though. #MartinLewis.”

“Sorry,” he concluded.

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Soon afterwards, many of Martin’s fans rushed to weigh in on the conversation.

One replied: “Lost £7k income had to get a loan to pay bills rent etc no advice from gov n they expect me to lockdown again and earn 0% receive 0% but pay more tax next year to pay for ppl who have received financial support sod the criteria look at all my tax returns!! Paye as well as TR.”

Another was seemingly confused by Martin’s admission, writing: “I’m confused, what’s the issue.”

One fan went on to explain the situation as they added: “He meant the 14th of July 2020 but said ‘July 14’ so some people may have thought he meant July 2014.”

A third went on to ask Martin for advice as they wrote: “What if you were self employed then and it did affect your business and now you have to get a job and your now employed!?(sic)

“Can you claim the third payment? (Not for me btw! But a local burger van).”

The former journalist has provided his expertise and advice on money during the coronavirus pandemic.

Martin shares his tips and tricks on his Money Show, as well as the likes of Good Morning Britain, This Morning and Lorraine.

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Meanwhile, Martin recently hit out on Twitter after one follower questioned why he was wearing a face mask in the car.

It came after Martin posted a selfie complete with a mask, while he was travelling to Channel 4’s studios.

“I’m a little nervous. I’m on my way to record an episode of #WouldILieToYou. I’ve never done a comedy panel show before,” he wrote.

“But I thought with all the c**p going on right now, it was time to have a little bit of fun and spread my wings. #Gulp.”

While many of his fans were delighted over the announcement, one remarked: “Wearing a mask shows you have no idea of what is reality.”

Martin then decided to share the follower’s comment and express his thoughts online.

He wrote: “No it shows I’ve respect for the driver of the car sent by the TV company, respect for societal rules, and that I’m happy to take a cautious approach in the middle of the pandemic.

“That’s the reality.”

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