Matthew Wolfenden talks comment about his three ‘annoying’ children after sparking concern

Matthew Wolfenden jokes about feeding children to zoo animals

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Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfender, 41, has taken to social media to address a joke he made about feeding his three children to wild animals during a day trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Centre. After seemingly apologising for making the light-hearted joke, the actor backtracked and said that he had in fact fed one of his sons – who he shares with co-star Charley Webb, 33, – to a hyena and not a lion.

Listen, before I forget and before Childline get involved, I was joking when I said the kids were being fed to the lions

Matthew Wolfenden

Taking to his Instagram stories the second he and his family arrived, the star gave his 175,000 fans a glimpse of the newly opened wildlife park.

Wearing a grey baseball hat, matching top and aviator sunglasses, the actor was dressed appropriately for the sunny weather.

Addressing the start to the day, the father-of-three revealed that the long journey had been a challenge.

He said: “It’s been a long journey, two hours in the car with three extremely annoying children.

“So I’m this close, this close to feeding them all to the lions”, the star said while baring his teeth and holding his forefinger and thumb close together.

He added: “I’ll let you know how that goes and if it happens”.

Matthew has three sons, Buster, Bowie and Ace with Charley, who he married in 2018.

Taking to social media sometime later, the star jokingly gave his worried fans an update on the situation.

Matthew said: “So one down, two to go, one went to the hyenas.

“We’re just going to go past the leopards and the tiger enclosures now and the lions”, he added matter of factly.

The ITV star went on to reveal which of his children it was that he had apparently fed to the wild animal.

“So we’ll see – still got Buster and Ace to go, I’ll let you know how it goes.”

Hours later the star revealed that he had finished with his family day out in the park and had completed an intense workout at his local gym.

Sitting in his car, Matthew relayed the rest of the day’s events to fans.

He said: “Listen, before I forget and before Childline get involved, I was joking when I said the kids were being fed to the lions.”

“I’m going to be honest with you, one of them went to the hyenas!”, the star jokingly continued.

In jest, the star said that after having fed his youngest son to the lions, he felt too guilty to do the same with his other children.

“But the other two? I felt guilty after that so they came home unscathed”, he added.

Earlier in the day Matthew’s actress wife Charley also took to social media to reveal that during their two-hour trip to the wildlife centre Bowie wasn’t happy about being strapped into his carseat.

Posting an unhappy Boomerang video of her blonde-haired baby, she wrote for her 506,000 followers to see: “This kid. He won’t keep his arms in the straps and I literally make them as tight as they go. Any tips?”

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