My hospital bag has 50 items – including glow in the dark dummies, says Shaughna Phillips

My hospital bag has 50 items – including glow in the dark dummies, says Shaughna Phillips

Love Island fan-favourite Shaughna Phillips announced her pregnancy with her first child with partner Billy in October 2022, sharing her excitement at embarking on the adventure of parenthood.

The 28 year old had come off the pill over the summer and fell pregnant just two months later, describing the moment she saw the positive test as an "out-of-body experience".

Since then, she's been dishing out all the brutal realities of being a soon-to-be-mother, talking about everything from her baby being in breech to her predictions on her unborn child's gender.

This week, Shaughna opens up on moving into her mum's room in the main house as well as the mega list of items she's gathering to put into her hospital bag.

In her exclusive OK! column, Shaughna gives fans and mothers-to-be her first hand, unfiltered experience…

Mega list for hospital bag

I've already started gathering a few bits and pieces for the baby. But after getting advice from my Instagram followers and friends who've had children, I've created a huge list of items to get for the hospital bag. I need to get it packed now because I'm down to single digits – I'm just weeks away from giving birth!

The majority of the list are things for me to be honest – I've added everything from my phone charger and headphones to roll on deodorant, moisturiser, face cream and lip balm. I'm also packing shower gel, a pack of face cloths and my expert midwife toiletry bag.

I'm going to bring snacks, post-birthing knickers, maternity bras, nightshirts, flip flops, slippers, fluffy socks as well as toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, my hairbrush and scrunchies. Also on the list is my dressing gown, comfortable clothes to go home in, a bath towel, handheld fan and a bluetooth speaker. I'll need a breast pump, nipple pads, adult nappies, sanitary towels, peri bottle, my pillow, a water bottle, straws, and a Lansinoh Cold & Warm Post Birth Relief pad.

Meanwhile, for my newborn, I'm going to bring baby grows, hats, scratch mittens, bibs, muslins, bottles, pre-made bottles and nappies. I'll also pack water wipes, a baby towel, some blankets and his or her coming home outfit! I'll bring some zip lock bags with labels for outfits, some nappy sacks and last but not least, glow in the dark dummies – apparently they're a godsend for the night time.

Moving into mum's room

Billy and I moved into my mum's room in the main house last week. It was always going to happen and she's actually been pushing for it to happen sooner, but I've been really enjoying the cabin. After our trip to Los Angeles though, it became clear that we'd have to trade places with my mum because I can't keep trekking to the main house just for a wee every 15 minutes. Also, the cabin can get quite cold, which isn't ideal for a newborn!

There are a few things I'll have to move around in the room for the baby, but we haven't got some of the big items we need yet, like a baby cot. Until then, we're really comfortable.

We're planning on staying in this room until the renovations on the new house are complete. We have planning permission, but with the baby coming in just nine weeks, updates on the new place have gone on the back burner.

Aches and pains

I think it's just going to keep getting worse because the bigger the baby gets, the more pressure there will be on my hips. Because you have to sleep on your side when you're pregnant, when you wake up you get the same feeling as when you get a dead leg. It's a numbing type of pain. Then you have to turn over and you get the same pain on the other side.

Often I get up in the early hours of the morning because of the pain. I just end up thinking I'd rather sit down with the dogs on the couch rather than stay in bed in pain.

Besides my hip, I've noticed recently that my belly has started getting quite tight and achy. My bump is still very high, whereas my friend has to wear a pregnancy belt because her bump is very low and she needs support. Mine is right under my boobs, it's very high! So I don't think the tightness is because of the weight of my belly. It's almost like growing pains.

Practical makeover

I'm probably going to get a few beauty treatments before the baby arrives. It's difficult because you have to plan it right before you give birth, but you don't really know when that is unless you get a booked Caesarean section.

I'm definitely going to have to get my nails really short. I usually wear them quite long, but that won't do with the baby. I'm also going to get my hair cut a little bit. I have some extensions in, but I'd like it at a more manageable length at the moment.

Billy's face reveal

I've been out of Love Island for three years and this is the first time that I've been caught off guard. Both Billy and I said, "It is what it is," when it came to his face reveal, but I was mortified by the way I looked. We had just come off an 11 hour flight from Los Angeles, I hadn't brushed my hair…

Billy was okay about having his face out there, I think he was more concerned about my reaction. But it's not the end of the world.


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