Nadia Sawalha on why she wont stop posting half-naked snaps despite daughters horror

Nadia Sawalha on why she wont stop posting half-naked snaps despite daughters horror

Kate Beckinsale jokingly thanks Nadia Sawalha for warning

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Nadia Sawalha, 57, admitted her two daughters are “mortified” when she strips off for her body confidence photos, posing as other celebrities on Instagram. But their horror won’t stop the Loose Women panellist from channeling her inner Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow, anytime soon.

But I think, more and more, they have a sneaking admiration for me

Nadia Sawalha

Fans live for the half-naked posts, where Nadia highlights that all body types are beautiful.

And despite her daughter’s Maddie, 18, and Kiki-Bee’s, 14, embarrassment, the presenter revealed she does it all for them and anyone else who may be feeling self-conscious about themselves.

In a recently interview, Nadia explained why she’ll continue re-creating celebrity pics and proudly share them for her 474k followers to admire.

“I’ll definitely be doing some more Kim Kardashian posts over Christmas,” she giggled.

“People just love them!

“My girls used to hate my posts. Their friends will message them and say, ‘Uh-oh, your mum’s on Instagram again…’ and their stomachs will drop because they don’t know what I’ll do next!

“But I think, more and more, they have a sneaking admiration for me.”

Nadia went on: “The reason I’m doing these body confidence posts is for them and for everyone else’s daughters to say, ‘So what if you’ve got a bit of flab or cellulite – it’s not the end of the world.'”

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Recently, Nadia posted a series of three flashback snaps which garnered a lot of attention from her followers.

The first saw her use a pillow to hide her dignity, copying actress Halle Berry’s denim themed shoot.

The next two were of Kim Kardasahian posing in nothing but her underwear and angel wings, with the second showing off her midriff in a pair of cargo trousers.

Nadia did her best to re-create the ensembles look for look and she did pretty well, as fans heaped praise on the confident mum-of-two.

One wrote: “You look gorgeous in every single ones of these!”

A second person commented: “You certainly put a smile on our faces, Queen of happiness.”

“I love these pictures…you are so funny,” a third added.

A fourth took to the comments to say: “And this is why I b****y love you!!”

Elsewhere Kate Beckinsale took to her own Instagram to share a video of the ITV star as she gave warnings to the actress before her TV appearance.

In the video Nadia said: “If you don’t fancy penises this morning you can leave when we get to the end and we’ll put up a warning.”

She captioned the video: “You know you are in the UK when you are given the OPTION of morning pensises, but also a penis ALERT and sufficient time to escape and have boiled egg and soldiers instead.”

Kate resides in Brentwood in Los Angeles but is visiting the UK at the moment.

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