‘No finger pointing’ Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen responds to critics of her parenting

Amanda Owen reveals how she met husband Clive in 1996

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Amanda Owen, 46, is the star of Our Yorkshire Farm on Channel 5, which follows life with her nine children and husband Clive Owen. However, despite having a unique parenting style, Amanda admitted exclusively to Express.co.uk how she never judges other parents.

Amanda’s brood of nine children is at the front and centre of her Channel 5 documentary series.

The farmer has also been very open about wanting to raise independent children in her home.

However, some viewers have been taken aback in the past about her parenting choices.

The Yorkshire Shepherdess recently opened up about this, admitting she wants to champion how everybody chooses to raise their children.

She said: “Everybody out there is trying their best in whatever circumstances they find themselves.

“And that’s kind of what I wanted to show people, and say to people that I’m lucky, where I live and I’m really fortunate to have these surroundings.

“So there is definitely no finger pointing or lessons coming from me because I fully understand the troubles.

Amanda also admitted there are a lot of people who have been critical about her own parenting in the past.

However, she opened up about the ways she chooses to prove them wrong

She continued: “There are so many people out there who will tell you what is unachievable, what you can’t do.

“And people say, ‘Well you’re a mother of nine, how can you have the time to do this? How do you have time to paint your nails?

“I’ve discovered that if you jump in the Land Rover and you put the nail varnish on before you get in and put the blower on it only takes about five minutes and it can be drying whilst you do something else.

“So I’m always multitasking. I’m always doing about 5000 things at once.

“And it’s important that you can be yourself, and that’s what I want the kids to take away that nobody should say what is unachievable and what you can’t do.

“And the only way you can show him is by bloody well doing it.”

Amanda was chatting as part of her campaign with Premier Inn.

She’s helped them create a channel called Ewe Tube, which features videos of her farm and her sheep.

The aim is to help hotel guests get a good night’s sleep when they’re away from home.

Amanda Owen has teamed up with Premier Inn to help the nation rest easy, by creating the brand’s first ever video streaming platform, Ewe Tube, dedicated to restoring sleep by digitally counting sheep.

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