People Think Jennifer Lopez Returned Her 50th Birthday Present from Alex Rodriguez

People Think Jennifer Lopez Returned Her 50th Birthday Present from Alex Rodriguez

If we've learned anything from Jennifer Lopez's iconic "Love Don't Cost a Thing" music video, it's that she isn't one to hold onto lavish gifts after a breakup. And seemingly, such was the case for her 50th birthday present from her ex Alex Rodriguez. On Wednesday, A-Rod posted an Instagram photo of himself with three of his luxury cars — including a familiar looking red Porsche that fans believe used to belong to J.Lo.

The car in question? A 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 that Rodriguez gifted Lopez for her birthday two years ago.

"I'm super down to earth," Rodriguez jokingly captioned the post that showed him leaning against the Porsche. According to Us Weekly, one of his followers commented, "Savage. Posing with the car he bought jlo for her bday lmfao 🤣 ." Another user wrote, "Looks like jlo left not only you but the red car too😂😂 ."

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A third fan replied, "I thought you gave that red Porche [sic] to…nevermind."

Back in 2019, TMZ reported that Rodriguez bought the sports car for the multi-hyphenate, and A-Rod later posted the video of him surprising Lopez with the gift. During the video, he looked at the camera and asked, "What do you get someone who already has everything. You have to be creative. We've been talking about maybe a car." He blindfolded the star before the big reveal.

J.Lo also posted a photo posing with the red Porsche, in which she tagged A-Rod (though she deleted every other trace of him from her Instagram and unfollowed him.) In the snapshot, she matched the car in an all-red workout set and wrote, "Baby it's warm outside."

We'd say the evidence is pretty incriminating that J.Lo lost both a fiancé and a Porsche when she left that relationship. Oh well, you know what they say: onto bigger and better … yachts.

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