Pharmacist Denies Ivermectin to Man Despite Rx, Not Approved for COVID

Pharmacist Denies Ivermectin to Man Despite Rx, Not Approved for COVID

A pharmacist denied a guy ivermectin, despite the man having a doctor’s note, and put his foot down … saying they’re not giving the drug out for COVID purposes, period.

No word on where this happened or when, but it seems somewhat recent. Check out the video — you see the patient trying to pick up his prescription of ivermectin, which the pharmacist flat out refuses to fill … noting it’s not FDA approved for the virus.

The customer is adamant that it was prescribed to him by a licensed physician, and that the pharmacist is breaking the law by overriding his doctor’s orders — but the pharmacist tells him to kick rocks, and to complain to whoever he feels he needs to complain to.

While the pharmacist does recognize it is a legit drug approved for certain things — like parasitic illnesses — it has NOT yet gotten the official green light by the feds … something the man tries to push back on by saying it’s an “off-label” treatment.

The pharmacist won’t budge, though … and the video cuts out before we can see how this headbutt ended. Presumably, the man left that location empty-handed … but it brings up an interesting dilemma.

For starters, it’s unclear how the pharmacist even knew what the guy needed ivermectin for — there’s no indication if the Rx noted it was for COVID, or if the pharmacist simply assumed/deduced it. The man sorta gives it away by not pushing back on his premise.

There’s also the issue of whether a pharmacist can legally do this — refusing to fill a prescription — and the answer is yes … in some states, that is. California is one example.

It’s becoming clear folks are being prescribed ivermectin for COVID — like Joe Rogan says he was — but it seems to be done under the table, and as we see here … it can be hard to get. So, the obvious question … if it’s actually effective, does it need a 2nd look by the FDA???

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