Piers Morgan: GMB host brands Susanna Reid a ‘control freak’ in fiery marriage chat

Piers Morgan: GMB host brands Susanna Reid a ‘control freak’ in fiery marriage chat

Piers Morgan, 54, didn’t shy away from revealing his feelings about his co-host Susanna Reid, 48, when he was asked how they would function as a married couple. The outspoken Good Morning Britain presenter seemed to be less than impressed with the concept as he hit back: “She’s such a control freak, “It would be utter hell. Because I’m the opposite of that. “As long as I’m in charge.”

In response, Susanna, who was interviewed alongside Piers by The Mirror was quick to issue a witty response.

Showing off the pair’s famous banter, she replied: “I feel sorry for his wife Celia every day.

“I think she’s grateful that I have him in my care for a few hours in the morning, so she gets a break.”

Amid the duo’s witty exchange, Piers described his relationship with Susanna as “an arranged marriage without any of the good bits”.

The Piers Morgan’s Life Stories host then cheekily quipped: “I just get the nagging.”

Susanna also opened up about her fellow presenter’s “worst quality” from their time presenting the ITV show together.

She divulged: “Piers’ worst quality is that he will not stop talking, he takes up 95% of the air time.

“When he starts unravelling on air, I wipe my hands of him.”

In spite of the brunette beauty’s criticism of Piers, she recently praised him for making her more “opinionated”.

During a conversation with Matt Baker, 41, and Mel Giedroyc, 51, on The One Show, she couldn’t resist taking a slight jab at Piers by referring to him as “the toddler”.

However she continued: “Actually he really livens up the show. 

“And what I have really loved about the fact he’s there – apart from the fact he’s really annoying me a lot of the time – is actually he’s made me much more opinionated.” 

She added: “I’m able to express an opinion. Because he doesn’t care what people think about what he thinks. 

“And having spent so long being so neutral about my opinions as a news presenter I’m able to be a little bit let off the leash.”

Susanna has fronted Good Morning Britain since the show’s inception in 2014.

Piers then joined her on the programme when he made his debut the following year.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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