Rachel Lindsay Reacts to Chris Harrison Stepping Away from ‘The Bachelor’ Franchise

Rachel Lindsay is speaking out in response to The Bachelor host Chris Harrison‘s decision to step away from the franchise for a “period of time” amid a racism controversy.

Chris‘ decision to step away from the show happened after he defended The Bachelor contestant Rachael Kirkconnell against claims that she had been racist in her past behavior. During the interview with Rachel Lindsay, he said that the “woke police” was out to get her and that there is a difference in how one behaves in 2018 vs. in 2021.

Chris later apologized for his words, but the damage was done and Rachel, a former star of The Bachelorette who now works for Extra, said that she is leaving the franchise when her current contract is over.

Now, Rachel is speaking out in response to Chris‘ apology and his announcement to take time away from the franchise.

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