Repair Shop star Jay Blades’ love rat past that saw him date two sisters at once

Repair Shop star Jay Blades’ love rat past that saw him date two sisters at once

The Repair Shop star Jay Blades has opened up about his promiscuous past, including a time when he was “dating two sisters at once”.

The BBC favourite has admitted he let a lot of girls down when he was a teenager, lying to his partners and regularly cheating on them.

Speaking on broadcaster Gyles Brandreth’s Rosebud podcast, he confessed: “We’re talking about lots of girls. There were a lot of broken hearts along the way.

“There was even one point where I was going out with two sisters and they lived in the same house. It’s crazy — imagine that.

“I told them not to tell each other, and they didn’t. I think I had another girl as well. I was really bad.”

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Jay went on to admit he would often lie to other girls he was seeing, telling them he’d been elsewhere when he had actually been sneaking off to be with a different partner.

In a big to become a true lothario, Jay also worked out that women were more likely to show up to soul events compared to other gigs like reggae and ska nights.

While he acknowledged that his behaviour was “very naughty” as a teenager, Jay insisted that he did “make the girls laugh” and that they had a nice time with him.

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The furniture restorer went on to address the source of his two-timing behaviour, which he said started as young as 12.

After a bit of soul-searching, he decided that his actions could be down to the poor relationship he had with his mother, Barbara.

According to Jay, Barbara was “aloof” to him, and they didn’t have a “real connection” because the looked very similar to his father.

He claimed that his dad had left his mother feeling mistreated, which caused her to resent Jay.

He went on to explain that this caused him to go out “looking for that mother figure”.

“I didn’t have it with my mum, there wasn’t a real connection,” he reflected. “There wasn’t motherly love from my mum.”

Jay is now happily married to his second wife Lisa Zbozen, whom he wed in November last year.

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