rump Adviser Mark Meadows Catches COVID, and the Jokes Go Viral

Meadows recently stormed off a TV interview after refusing to put a mask on

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In what feels like a metaphor for the 2020 election, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows tested positive for coronavirus and reports suggest he has been trying to conceal this knowledge from the public for at least two days.

And social media had a field day with the news.

“Oh good! It sounds like there’s a scene at the end of the movie after the credits,” comedian Mike Drucker joked.

“And he said we’d forget about coronavirus after the election,” New York Times opinion columnist Farhad Manjoo joked, referring to a frequent statement from Trump and his associates that implies Democrats are only pretending to care about the disease.

Bloomberg, which broke the story, said it isn’t clear when Meadows tested positive, only that he informed people who work closely with him shortly after election night; the New York Times said Meadows tested positive on Wednesday. According to Bloomberg, at least four other White House employees have also tested positive in recent days.

Of course, Meadows has been one of the most aggressive defenders of Donald Trump’s failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has already killed more than 230,000 Americans. For instance, he was recently criticized for telling CNN that “we’re not going to control the pandemic.” And in early October he abruptly ended an interview and stormed off after reporters asked him to put a mask on while speaking to them.

So it won’t shock any of you reading this to discover that on social media, a lot of people made a lot of jokes at Meadows’ expense.

And more than one user joked that Meadows is just trying to get out of telling Trump that he was defeated for reelection by Joe Biden. (A thing very likely to be declared officially this weekend.)

See some of the more amusing jokes below:

But a few people also noted that Meadows is one of the more than 128,000 people diagnosed with the virus on Friday, a new record for the United States and the third day in a row in which a record number of infections have occurred.

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