Rupert Everett Opens Up About the Time Colin Firth Kissed Him With Tongue

Rupert Everett has worked with Colin Firth on multiple occasions and he’s opening up about something the actor did that left him in shock.

The 61-year-old actor was interviewed on the latest episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories show and he talked about his history with Colin.

The actors met while working on the movie Another Country back in 1984, where Rupert says he “fell in love with” Colin.

“Well, I just got a crush on him. I became obsessed by him and we hung out together all the time. And then I realized we were completely different types of people,” Rupert said. This launched a nearly 20-year feud between the actors, which they have since reconciled.

While filming the 2007 comedy St Trinian’s, the guys had a sex scene and Rupert was completely surprised when Colin used tongue while they kissed.

“The weird thing was, I had no idea that Colin was going to tongue me,” Rupert said. He jokingly added, “In the snog. Yeah. Totally going for it. Yeah. I said, Colin, please respect me.”

Rupert added, “Yeah, I was in shock afterwards.”

In an interview last year, Rupert gave an update on a friendship with another very famous friend who he had a falling out with.

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