Ruth Negga reunites with ex Dominic Cooper in last joint Comic Con appearance

Ruth Negga reunites with ex Dominic Cooper in last joint Comic Con appearance

The countdown to Irish actress Ruth Negga’s return to the small screen is on.

The Oscar-nominated star joined ex-boyfriend Dominic Cooper at Comic Con on Friday, leading the panel for Preacher, the sci-fi show in which they’ve co-starred for the last four years. The former couple kept their relationship so low-key, they haven’t confirmed how long they dated for or when exactly they split.

After first getting together in 2010, they split their time between London and Los Angeles – with Ruth making regular trips home to Ireland – and are believed to have ended things in 2017. Their long-term filming schedule fostered a genuine post-breakup friendship

“To be honest, no. I think if you really love someone and care about them, and you’re going to work with them… maybe it doesn’t work for some people, but it just worked for us. We know each other, the way we work, and he’s super-supportive of me,” she told Marie Claire last year.

“I know this sounds like a f**king spiel, but it’s not. We’ve literally got each other’s backs.”

They joined co-stars Julie Ann Emery and Mark Harelik to promote the fourth and final series of the mind-bending American tv shows which is based on the comics of the same name. 

Preacher might be the glue that’s held them together in recent years, but Ruth and Dominic have often appeared together onscreen, including 2016’s World of Warcraft.

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