‘Shadow & Bone’ Star Jessie Mei Lei Would Love Alina To Be Queer

Jessie Mei Li has opened up in a new interview about Alina’s sexuality on Shadow and Bone.

Speaking with Digital Spy about the diversity of the fantasy series that was based on Leigh Bardugo‘s book, the -year-old actress recalled how the show amplifies diverse voices.

“I love the way that race is depicted on this show. One of the things, when I was auditioning, was that slight concern of: is this just a diversity tick? Why have you done this?” she first questioned, and added that she “understood it wasn’t just that they wanted a person of color in the lead; they actually wrote Alina’s story to be a reflection of my experiences, and the experiences of Christina [Strain] – she’s Korean-American, she’s one of our writers.”

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