Sienna Mapelli Mozzi added to the line of succession five weeks after her birth

Sienna Mapelli Mozzi added to the line of succession five weeks after her birth

Over the summer, a terrible gossip story happened. It involved Prince Harry and Meghan’s daughter Lilibet Diana and the official line of succession, which is posted on and updated regularly when babies are born. The royal (or royal adjacent) babies born before Lilibet were added to the line of succession within two weeks or so after their births. Buckingham Palace failed to update the list for over seven weeks when Lili was born. They were that petty and racist and everyone noticed. What was designed as a royal snub of the Harry and Meghan obviously boomeranged back onto the Windsors and their racist, lazy courtiers.

I bring all of that up because whoops, I forgot to keep checking the line of succession after that. So I didn’t even notice that the same royal website people also failed to include Sienna Elizabeth Mapelli Mozzi to the line of succession list for almost five full weeks.

Princess Beatrice’s daughter has formally secured her spot in the line to succeed Queen Elizabeth. Sienna Elizabeth, who was born on September 18 to Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, has been added to the line of succession to the throne on the royal family’s official website. She is listed at the 11th spot, just behind her mother, as “Miss Sienna Mapelli Mozzi.”

Sienna’s birth means Princess Eugenie and all the royals behind her are now bumped down a notch in the royal pecking order.

The website took nearly five weeks to make the update after Sienna’s birth, but the delay is fairly typical. Royal.UK took just seven weeks to add Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s daughter Lilibet Diana to the list after her birth in June. When Beatrice’s sister Princess Eugenie welcomed her son August in February, the website did not add him for nearly two months.

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No, the delay is not “fairly typical,” although I think in Sienna Elizabeth’s case, the delay was because the family formalities only happened about three weeks ago. End of September/early October, that was when Prince Andrew finally returned from Balmoral and met his only granddaughter, and that was when (I assume) the Queen was informed of the baby’s name. Obviously, the line could not be updated before the name had been announced, so really it was a three-week delay. And ten bucks says that they delayed it on purpose so that Lilibet Diana’s delay would look retroactively “better.” It’s typical royalthink: “look, we’re not racist and petty, we’re just chronically terrible at our jobs!”

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